Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Songwriter's Struggles and Triumphs

You know, being a songwriter is NOT for the faint of heart.  Not only do you have to expose your "insides" to the public but have to have "alligator" skin.  You have to listen to people calling your baby (your song) ugly!!  I've been writing songs as long as I remember.  It is like breathing for me and can't imagine a time when I didn't or won't write songs.  While I've been writing my entire life it wasn't until about 15 or so years ago I decided to get "serious" about creating music. Throughout future blog posts I hope to mention some of the struggles and triumphs along the way.  Maybe it might help others avoid some of the pitfalls of trying to be successful as a songwriter.  Of course each songwriter has to decide what "success" is for them.  For many just writing a song for fun is a success...others if they can write a song that their own band performs, while others see success as having others record their original songs.  There is no right or wrong "success" as it is a personal decision, however the level of success that you wish to attain will play a major role in your activities, writing, work and development as a songwriter.  I hope to talk about those too as days progress.

I formally retired from my "day job" this month and will be ramping up my songwriting activities.  This will mean setting new goals and milestones for the next several years.  I think it is critical for each songwriter to lay out a 2-5 year action plan and mission so as to have a "roadmap" to follow.  Including small milestones so you can mark small victories really helps keep you positive along the way and keeps me focused on the road! :)

I've been extremely blessed to have close to 200 songs "cut" by some incredible artists...many of them my musical heroes!  That being said, many times in music as a writer or artist it is "what have you done lately!!???".  So, in many ways I feel like the Grandma Moses of songwriting really beginning my career in my 60's :)  But, I have never been so motivated (maybe because at my age your own mortality becomes an issue and feel an urgency to create as much as I can).  I've also been blessed to have some extremely talented co-writers as well and will talk about that in days to come.  I more than likely won't have much "profound" to say but will be sharing experiences and maybe discuss some issues about songwriting.  I hope you will join me.

I can tell you today I finished writing a song with my friend and long time co-writer, Paula Breedlove.  It is a gospel song called "In His Blood" and we plan on pitching it very soon.  In addition I received a phone call from my buddy and co-writer Wyatt McCubbin to guest on his radio show tonite while he plays a few of my songs and we will talk about the writing of the songs.  Should be fun.  It will be on tonight at 7pm EST on  a station owned by bluegrasser Joe Mullins.  I hope many of you join me on my adventure in songwriting.  Remember....Write more...Whine less!!! :)



  1. This is wonderful Brink, I will be following your posts with interest. Would love to pick up some of your experience and skill for my own songwriting efforts. Best wishes from New Zealand - Heather

  2. Thanks Heather...I'm sure it is much warmer where you are than her in Ohio :)

  3. I see that both you and Jan are feeling introspective lately! I'll be following along with both of you to see what's happening with the Brinks.