Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Cover For Every Pot

I was talking on the phone with my songwriting friend, Chuck Williams, and he was voicing his frustration about pitching songs and never hearing anything and how all of this can "get you down". It brought back memories of a phrase my Grandma use to say all the time. My wonderful Grandma Rislow use to tell all of us kids, when we were wondering if we'd every meet someone we could marry, "Don't worry...there's a cover for every pot!". I can't help but think of Grandma and this phrase when I get frustrated that a song I have written and pitched for sometimes years still has not been picked up and recorded. 

Many times I have gone through my "vetting process" with a song. That is, play it for friends, played it at shows and jams, bounced it of other trusted musicians and songwriters and in my heart I know I have a "record worthy" song. I listen to the demo and see if it does the song justice and to see if another demo might help. Still, there are songs that I have finished that seem to be great songs and in my mind I say to myself "this song will go fast!!!", so I start pitching and maybe 2-3 years later no one has given the song much of a "sniff". I've scratched my head so much on this stuff that I've lost all my hair :)  LOLOL. 

Here is where I have to hear and listen to my Grandma's voice..."Don't worry...there's a cover for every pot!". I am convinced there is an artist for every great song and whether I like it or not it will happen "in its own time"!! As Hall of Fame songwriter Paul Craft once told me "A great song will find its way out"! I talked about "patience" as a songwriter in a previous blog and the fact that I don't have it in spades so I struggle with all of this.

An article I read one time said that a song takes on average 8 years to go from writing to recording. WOW...8 years!! That seems like an eternity...especially when you know in you own head that your song might make someone a "charted song"!!! :) It is easy to get frustrated, get caught in the waiting and just give up! But...every song in its own time...a great song will find its way out...the planets will align...the round peg will find the round hole...the pot will find it's cover!!!

So, the thought for today is a message to myself. Stay the course. Keep pitching that great song and it may take 10 years but songs will find their way out. Don't get discouraged. Believe in the song. Patience!!!!

I know my Grandma was right...she was a very wise lady and I miss her every day. There is a cover for every just have to be patient and persistent enough to find it :) Have a great day and remember:  Write more...whine less!

Write on!


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